Welcome to ALTECH LA, first for Label Applicators, Label Print & Apply and In Line Labelling Machines.

ALTech is a world leading manufacturer of labelling machinery. We produce more than a thousand units per annum and offer one of the widest ranges of label applicators, label print and apply and in-line labelling systems within the market.

With ever changing times we are constantly striving to innovate, improve, and advance our labelling machines. We ensure that our machines are always at the top of the market in terms of performance, cost and reliability supplying our customers with the best labelling system solution for their needs.

ALTech LA is a direct owned subsidiary of ALTech srl based near Cardiff in South Wales. We provide labelling systems to all sectors of industry including, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and logistics to name but a few, with solutions tailored to the particular segments needs.

Case and Pallet


Tailored to your needs, our experienced staff can advise, specify and arrange for commissioning and installation of complete case and pallet labelling systems that are designed to you specific requirements.

Our experienced staff can provide you with a complete and professional labelling solution that meets your needs. We can either upgrade your current solution or if you are just starting out with an automated solution we can provide you a cost effective labelling system.

Printer & Software

Our ALsoft and ALsoft Direct labelling products are supplied with a full range of features to reduce the time spent preparing the label design and to increase the time spent enjoying the benefits of a complete labelling system.

Our ALsoft package will work with any printer that Windows supports, if speed is your main concern then our ALsoft Direct package is your choice which is designed to work direct to specific printers for maximum speed.


ALTech can provide a wide range of labels to fit your needs, from plain labels ready to be printed on to pre printed labels to simply apply. To see our full range of labels have a look at our Labels & Consumables page.

Thermal Ribbons

Not only does out complete case and pallet solution provide a printer, software and labels it also provides thermal ribbon(s) to complete this package to get you up and running as soon as possible.

Next Steps

If this sounds like an ideal package to you and is just what you need feel free to CONTACT US.