Welcome to ALTECH LA, first for Label Applicators, Label Print & Apply and In Line Labelling Machines.

ALTech is a world leading manufacturer of labelling machinery. We produce more than a thousand units per annum and offer one of the widest ranges of label applicators, label print and apply and in-line labelling systems within the market.

With ever changing times we are constantly striving to innovate, improve, and advance our labelling machines. We ensure that our machines are always at the top of the market in terms of performance, cost and reliability supplying our customers with the best labelling system solution for their needs.

ALTech LA is a direct owned subsidiary of ALTech srl based near Cardiff in South Wales. We provide labelling systems to all sectors of industry including, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and logistics to name but a few, with solutions tailored to the particular segments needs.

ALcode Tamp-Blow

ALcode Tamp-Blow

Tamp Top

Tamp Top

Tamp-Blow Front

Tamp-Blow Front


Swinging Plate Top

“One to One” Print & Apply Label Applicator

Designed to automatically print and apply self-adhesive labels in real time “one to one” (last label printed is the label applied), ALcode is fast, efficient and reliable.

Compatible with most computer systems, ALcode labellers are easy to integrate with existing production equipment or host control systems via a range of interface options including Ethernet or Wireless.

ALcode labelling systems can also be provided with an integrated control system, for label design and selection local to the applicator where a PC or host is either not available or not practical.

ALcode labellers are modular in design, providing an extremely flexible solution to most variable data labelling requirements. They integrate the various thermal transfer print engines built by the international manufacturer SATO, which have been specifically developed for the use in automatic applicators.

ALcode can also be specified with alternate print engines from such manufacturers as ZEBRA, TOSHIBA and DATAMAX to name but a few, with their respective print resolutions and control interfaces.

In each ALcode the mechanics, pneumatics and electronics have been suitably designed & constructed to meet typical requirements of machines operating in an industrial environment, thus matching reliability, with user friendliness, accessibility, & interchange ability.

ALcode features a range of standard modular application devices to allow label application at almost any point and at any linear speed.

A selection of these devices include:

Air-blow applicator, with or without piston, for non contact labelling of products moving at high speed

Tamp applicator for by contact labelling of still products, or in recessed areas

Swinging roll applicator for by contact labelling of products moving at high speed

Swinging plate application system, for contact labelling of moving product, of varying size with different label sizes.

Rotary arm applicator for front/back and/or corner labelling of both still and moving products.

ALTech is also able to develop custom application systems to allow us to
meet the requirements of nearly any automatic print and apply labelling application.

ALcode is available with a comprehensive range of options. These

  • Laser scanner for barcode & label application check
  • Product handling and transfer systems
  • Safety protection/anti dust cabinets
  • Multiple labelling programs
  • Near-end-of roll control
  • Oversized and powered unwind unit

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Technical Specification

Print Type Thermal Transfer
Interfaces RS232C, Centronics, Option RS422/RS485/LAN
  S8408 S8412 8460Se
Max. label width 128 mm 128 mm 165 mm
Print width 104 mm 104 mm 152 mm
Resolution 200 Dpi 300 Dpi 200 Dpi
Print speed 406.4 mm/sec (16" per/sec) 355.6 mm/sec (14" per/sec) 200 mm/sec
Type Pneumatic
Possible configurations Air-blow with our without piston
Swinging roller
With tamp for contact labelling
Rotare arm
Multiformat swinging arm
Production speed Up to 100 label/min depending on label size and on the applicator configuration
Label roll diameter 300 mm (option: 400 mm)
Power supply 220V, 50 Hz, 800W
Pneumatic Feeding 5 bars, 50 litre/min