Welcome to ALTECH LA, first for Label Applicators, Label Print & Apply and In Line Labelling Machines.

ALTech is a world leading manufacturer of labelling machinery. We produce more than a thousand units per annum and offer one of the widest ranges of label applicators, label print and apply and in-line labelling systems within the market.

With ever changing times we are constantly striving to innovate, improve, and advance our labelling machines. We ensure that our machines are always at the top of the market in terms of performance, cost and reliability supplying our customers with the best labelling system solution for their needs.

ALTech LA is a direct owned subsidiary of ALTech srl based near Cardiff in South Wales. We provide labelling systems to all sectors of industry including, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and logistics to name but a few, with solutions tailored to the particular segments needs.

ALline E with Enclosure

ALline E with Enclosure

Pantograph Opening Doors

Pantograph Opening Doors

Dual Chain Infeed Orientation System

Dual Chain Infeed
Orientation System

Top Stabilisation / Drive Belt

Top Stabilisation / Drive Belt

Full Stainless ALline E for Wine and Liqueur Bottles

Full Stainless ALline E for Wine

and Liqueur Bottles

High Performance In-Line Front & Back Labelling

ALline E is a high precision in-line labelling system configured to apply front and back labels in a single pass to elliptical and/or rectangular shaped products such as shampoo “type” toiletry bottles, triggers sprays and jerry cans to name but a few.

As with all ALTech labelling machines, ALline E is designed in a modular format with an infinitely variable choice of gapping, orientation and labelling solutions chosen according to the products to be labelled and the performance requirements of the application.

In the design of every ALline E, four essential processes are required for accurate labelling; namely Product Spacing, Product Alignment, Product Stabilisation and Label Application.

To synchronise these elements, as standard all ALline E labelling systems include a state-of-the-art electronic encoder system. This not only makes it possible to adjust the machines labelling speed by means of a single potentiometer, but it also guarantees accurate labelling even during starting or stopping the machine. (Maintaining label positioning even with speed variation)

The choice of spacing solution is critical to machine throughput - which when specified with our most performing labelling heads can be as much as 500 products per minute.

Standard product spacing solutions for the ALline E include:

  • Gapping wheel

  • Side belt spacer

  • Dual belt spacer

  • Scroll drive

  • Pneumatic gate

The two horizontally configured opposing side labelling heads fitted to the ALline E’s base structure can be chosen from either our workhorse ALstep variety or performance ALritma / ALritma X labelling head series depending on the speed of application & machine features required by the customer.

The labelling heads are mounted on highly precise twin tube adjustment systems with the further option of micrometric inclination (i.e. to match the taper angle of a product) and visual axis counters providing setup and changeover procedures that are particularly simple, intuitive and repeatable.

Our range of orientation solutions is second to none, from well know chain orientation systems to our unique highly advanced “twin gripper” linear orientater for perfect positioning of oval products.

The inherent additional benefit of this “gripper” orientation solution is the positive drive created on an orientated “square” (on the belt) product, whilst still leaving its top face exposed, therefore allowing highly precise tamper or lid label application without product slippage or movement.

The core product orientation solutions for ALline E can be visualised here:

  • Side Belt Orientation System

  • Twin Chain Orientation System

  • Twin Gripper Orientation System

Once product is orientated it is simultaneously transferred in to the drive of a spring loaded top stabilisation belt, to be transported to the labelling position without movement or slippage.

At the point of transfer from the orientation module to the top stabilisation system, the product is held under the drive of both devices - allowed by the machines perfect synchronisation of its elements, ensuring orientation is maintained.

  • Top Stabilisation / Drive Belt

ALline E’s solid base features a high degree of water ingress protection, stainless steel top plate & module components. For particularly harsh environments ALline E can also be specified with an enclosure and/or full stainless 304 or 316 construction - i.e. for wet or corrosive environments.

The robust base can be mounted with several kinds of slat or belt conveyors, of differing widths and lengths to meet customer requirements whilst ensuring system rigidity.

Importantly it is for this reason that even when not fitted with a cabinet, all ALline E systems still include an upper trestle, hardening the top stabilising belt for increased rigidity of the whole system.

  • Upper Trestle (present even without enclosure)
  • This feature also provides a platform for a top mounted fully rotatable control system allowing settings for both applicators to be adjusted from either side of the machine as well as inherent liquids protection.

    ALritma based solutions include a powerful touch screen control system allowing setting and storage of all the labelling parameters related to the particular label and product combination.

    These can then be stored as a format with a definable name - e.g. “1Ltr” meaning each job only requires setting up once, from which point settings can just be recalled electronically, massively speeding product changeovers

    Machines can be mounted with a wide range of coding solutions such as hotfoil, intermittent thermal transfer (e.g. Markem or ICE coders) or full inline thermal print engines such as SATO or Zebra for complete in-line label printing with text and barcodes.

    They can also be configured with label application checking devices and product rejection systems - or for stand alone solutions, with rotary in feed and out feed tables for automatic feed and take off.

    • Infeed Rotary Table

    • Outfeed Rotary Table

    Finally, ALline E can be equipped with some of the same label wraparound units as used on ALline C, to also allow full or partial wraparound labelling on the same machine (ALline EC)

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Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Power supply 400V 50 Hz three-phase
Power consumption 1 Kw
Performances Up to 500 pos/min adjustable