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ALTech is a world leading manufacturer of labelling machinery. We produce more than a thousand units per annum and offer one of the widest ranges of label applicators, label print and apply and in-line labelling systems within the market.

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ALTech LA is a direct owned subsidiary of ALTech srl based near Cardiff in South Wales. We provide labelling systems to all sectors of industry including, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and logistics to name but a few, with solutions tailored to the particular segments needs.

ALcode P
ALcode P - with Panel PC

ALcode P - with Panel PC

Label Barcode Verification

Label Barcode Verification

Multi Label Application

Multi Label Application

Turntable Integration

Multi Side Pallet Labelling

The ALcode P pallet labeller represents the latest evolution by ALTECH UK in the field of pallet labelling machines.

The system is able to print and apply A5 format SSCC labels onto two adjacent faces of a pallet (normally front and side) in accordance with the EAN 128 standards (also single side or 3 side options available), providing high reliability single stop industrial print and apply pallet labelling solutions at up to 120 pallets/hr.

ALcode P is based on the well known SATO 8460Se print engine, able to print high quality labels of 152 mm width at 200 mm/sec in “harsh” industrial environments. The modular mounting allows also the use of alternative print engines such as Zebra 170 Pax or Datamax A Class.

The ALcode P pallet label applicator has been designed as a high performance universal machine. The complete unit comprises the printing system, the tri-axial applicator, and the protection cabinet.

The external structure of the machine has been recently redesigned and is now more ergonomic, thanks to the control panel smartly integrated in the protection cabinet and the (optional) touch screen panel that allows local management of the information to be printed and the applicator logic.

Following the introduction of this new structure, it is now possible to choose between two label application devices:

  • The first device is the traditional ALTECH applicator with orthogonal axes, which moves on solid rolling guides and can apply labels on two (front + side ) or three (front + side + back) faces of a pallet. Such an applicator, which can label pallets of different sizes in real time, is one of the classics of ALTECH production, and the dozens of units already installed show its reliability and versatility in the most diverse applications and working environments.
  • The second applicator was designed “from scratch” from an original idea of ALTECH designers and offers a simplified, more economical solution for the application of two labels (front + side) on pallets of the same size. This system is equally reliable and capable of labelling pallets of irregular shapes and sizes. The application device, which features an innovative application arm with a “rotating” movement and can be activated via a motor, represents a real novelty.

Both applicators can label the pallet faces with only one stop, and are operated via scanner control enabling the repetition of the application cycle if it has not been successful.

ALcode P is also available in a special configuration for print and application of labels of A4 size and bigger (ALcode P A4 Pallet Labeller) - often used to replace costly pre printed bag branding.

ALcode P for Turntable Stretch Wrappers

A particularly interesting configuration of ALcode P has been developed by ALTECH LA for integration in to turntable stretch wrappers.

This allows application of up to four labels per pallet via integration with the stretch wrapper controller, rotating the pallet through increments of 90 degree after the stretch wrapper has completed wrapping, with label application by single linear tamp (or tamp-blow)

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Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Print Type Thermal Transfer
Interfaces RS232C, Centronics, Option RS422/RS485/LAN

  8485Se 8490Se 8460Se
Max. label width 134 mm 134 mm 165 mm
Print width 128 mm 112 mm 152 mm
Resolution 200 Dpi 300 Dpi 200 Dpi
Print speed 300 mm/sec 200 mm/sec 200 mm/sec

Type Pneumatic
Standard configurations
  • Two sides applicator for pallets
  • Front/side or side/back logic possibility, without change parts
  • Left or right packaging line position, without change parts
Special configurations
  • Long stroke single side pallet applicator
  • Front only pallet labeller
  • Three sides pallet labeller
Production speed Up to 120 pallets/h depending on label size and on the applicator configuration

Label roll diameter 300 mm (option: 400 mm)
Power supply 220V, 50 Hz, 800W
Pneumatic Feeding 5 bars, 50 litre/min