Welcome to ALTECH LA, first for Label Applicators, Label Print & Apply and In Line Labelling Machines.

ALTech is a world leading manufacturer of labelling machinery. We produce more than a thousand units per annum and offer one of the widest ranges of label applicators, label print and apply and in-line labelling systems within the market.

With ever changing times we are constantly striving to innovate, improve, and advance our labelling machines. We ensure that our machines are always at the top of the market in terms of performance, cost and reliability supplying our customers with the best labelling system solution for their needs.

ALTech LA is a direct owned subsidiary of ALTech srl based near Cardiff in South Wales. We provide labelling systems to all sectors of industry including, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and logistics to name but a few, with solutions tailored to the particular segments needs.

AL Step

ALstep S

Top & Base Labelling

Top & Base Labelling

Compact Workhorse Label Applicator

ALstep is a compact sized and low cost label applicator for self-adhesive labels, which can be easily integrated into existing packaging lines with a label application tolerance of better than +/- 1mm.

ALstep is based on a robust, reliable mechanical structure which can be orientated in any rotation. It can be fitted into particularly restricted areas and thanks to side access web threading, allows a fast, easy label change over.

ALstep comes in two size versions - S or M - for label widths up to 100mm and 200 mm respectively. Its maximum label dispensing speed is as high as 30m/min. (20m/min in the M version).This is made possible thanks to a powerful stepper motor and accurate label web tension control.

Designed in a modular manor, ALstep includes a comprehensive selection of application options to solve even the most complex label application requirements.

A few of our standard label application solutions include:

  • Fixed peeler with adapting sponge roller
  • Spring loaded peeler with multi-disk roller (for uneven products)
  • Pneumatically driven peeler with sponge roller or multi-disk roller (for variable height or very uneven products)
  • L - shaped pendulous peeler (for corner labelling)
  • Air blow - with / without piston (for non-contact labelling)

On the very rare occasion where a standard application solution does not exist, we have the experience and expertise to design custom label application solutions or machine configurations.

ALstep label applicators can hold label reels up to 300mm diameter (approx. 450m) on a variety of industry core sizes for extended operation.

The unwind and rewind holding disks are manufactured from highly resilient aluminium making them virtually unbreakable whilst the separate LCD control box includes an internal cooling fan which allows operation in even the harshest industrial environments.

This controller enables the operator to enter all labelling parameters electronically via an intuitive six digit LCD display - removing the need to manually move label or product sensors as per lesser machines.

ALstep’s microprocessor controller features the following functions:

  • Pre-dispensing adjustment (to align variable label length to the end of the peeler bar)
  • Adjustment of label dispensing speed in 0.1meter increments
  • Labelling delay adjustment in 0.1mm increments (999mm max delay)
  • Automatic recovery for missing labels on the web
  • Labels applied counter
  • End-of-roll alarm and web break alarm
  • Output connection to other systems (e.g. to stop the packaging line in case of error)

Additionally, ALstep can be equipped with an array of ancillary devices to solve specific labelling problems, such as:

  • Hot foil printing unit* (for fixed batch or date coding)
  • Checking device for near end of reel with alarm beacon*
  • Speed matching via encoder*
  • Label sensor for transparent material*
  • In-line thermal print engine* (ALstep T)
  • Integrated conveyor systems (ALbelt)

*options can be retrofitted with no major mechanical modifications after the machine has been installed.

ALstep E

ALstep E

ALstep E (Economical)

ALstep is also available in E (Economical) form for label widths up to 100 mm leading edge, at a maximum application speed of 15m/min. It is ideal for simple low speed applications where cost reduction is crucial.

The ALstep E features a reduced size stepper motor and the simplified control box, allowing adjustment of the main labelling parameters (speed and pre-dispensing) and can provide an alarm signal in case of web break and end of roll.

The unit is commonly used for simple end of line case labelling applications either on the side or top of an outer carton. integrated with an end of line automated case sealer, often without the need for a separate outfeed conveyor.

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Technical Specification

Label width Max 100 mm or 200mm. Max speed 15,20 & 30 mt/min
(E, M or S)
Control LCD Display with 6 function buttons Label position electronic
End-of-roll and web break alarm current Recovery of labels missing current
Pieces counter current Transparent label sensor optional
Hot foil printing optional Encoder optional
Checking device for near end of ree optional Pneumatic applicator optional
Unwind unit diam 300 mm. Power supply 240 V - 50 Hz
Power consumption 400 W